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Stalls are available in either our insulated barn or non-insulated barn, bedded with shavings.  Board includes two feedings of hay and grain a day.  Hay and our house grain are part of the cost.  Owner provided grain and supplements are fed on request with no extra charge.

Stall board: $750

Turnout is an extra monthly cost of $125



Our large outdoor pens with shelter are cleaned daily and include three feedings a day.  Hay and grain are part of the cost, and we will feed owner provided supplements at no extra charge.

Pen board: $700

Turnout is an extra monthly cost of $125

*There may be a pen opening up at the beginning of June.  Call to inquire.



We are proud to provide excellent pasture living for your horse, and others agree - there is always a waiting list!  The herd has a limited size on 20+ acres of irrigated pasture with a 3 acre pond and natural shelter.  Hay is fed in the winter, which may nominally increase the cost of pasture board.  We do not provide grain or supplements to pasture horses

Pasture Board: $500

*Currently our pasture has openings!  Call for information.

A supply surcharge is added each month to all board prices.

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